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Thomas West Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

TWI employs talent from all over the world

TWI hopes you find the answers you are looking for regarding the company. If you need more information, contact aboutTWI@Thomaswest.com directly with your questions.

How long has TWI been in business?

TWI has been in business for over 25 years. It has offered cleanroom products for 25 years, HDD tapes for over 15 years, and CMP pads for over 10 years.

Is TWI a big company?

TWI is the largest supplier of texturing and polishing tapes for HDD worldwide. TWI is the second largest supplier of polishing pads in CMP worldwide. Unlike other suppliers, TWI specializes in HDD and CMP polishing products exclusively.

Is TWI a stable company?

TWI has been in business over 25 years, and has been profitable for 24 of those years. TWI has supplied leading IC and HDD companies with products for full-scale production for production cycles lasting up to 10 years. TWI owns the building that houses its research facility, administration, and manufacturing.

How experienced is the staff at TWI?

All of the CMP sales and applications team have technical degrees and all have hands-on CMP experience at major IC companies. In addition, many TWI employees have worked at major equipment and consumable suppliers. The executive and operations management all have technical degrees with an average of 25 years of experience in the microelectronics industry. TWI understands the critical role every consumable plays in production, and the specific requirements of our customers.

How does TWI ensure a steady supply of material?

Given the lengthy and complex supply chains for TWI products, we maintain significant raw material and finished goods inventories. In addition, we have multiple sources and manufacturing redundancies wherever possible.

How committed is TWI to quality?

TWI has been ISO certified for six years and has implemented a rigorous SPC program. In addition, TWI is constantly adding new equipment and processes to enable better QC.

Can TWI really keep up with supplying product to my process?

TWI has supplied millions of tapes and pads over the past 25 years, and is currently operating at about 50% of capacity.

Will TWI continue to supply tapes and pads?

Supplying tapes and pads is our only business, and we have been supplying them without interruption for the last 25 years. TWI has the financial resources and commitment to continue to supply them in the future, and currently devotes over 20% of revenue to new product development.