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Thomas West Inc.


Companies in disk drive and IC manufacturing use TWI products.

Everyone in semiconductor and disk drive manufacturing benefits by sharing information. A list of technical articles, professional societies, publications, and trade associations follows.

Technical Articles
Professional Societies
Trade Associations

Technical Articles

GlobalFoundries Launches as U.S. Foundry

GlobalFoundries launched today as a new player in the foundry market.

How Intel Made CMP Work for High-k

Laura Peters, Editor-in-Chief summarizes the speech of
Joe Steigerwald, director of CMP technology at Intel at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco. Mr. Steigerwald described the CMP process improvements necessary for replacement metal gate (RMG) processing. Among other suggestions to reduce defectivity levels, he called on pad and slurry suppliers to speed up their development cycles.

Entrepix and SVTC to Work With Pad, Slurry and Tool Vendors on 300 mm CMP R&D at former Sematech R&D fab.

CMP service vendor Entrepix said it will work with SVTC on 300 mm CMP R&D and foundry services. SVTC has a full CMP and metrology tool suite at its Austin, Texas, facility, the former Sematech R&D fab. Entrepix now has two CMP engineers at the SVTC facility in Austin, working with pad, slurry and tool vendors on R&D projects that require 300 mm capabilities.

Fine Tuning CMP

Author Ruth deJule rounds up the latest developments in CMP, particularly copper and low-K dieletric. In response to ever decreasing geometries and the demand for decreased consumable costs, all aspects of CMP are in question, including slurries, pad materials, pad groove configurations, post-CMP cleaning, and faster process development. DeJule fails to mention that Thomas West, Incorporated (TWI, Sunnyvale) offers CMP pads for copper CMP with better performance and lower cost. TWI is also developing a pad for low-K dielectric that will address performance and cost issues.

Increases in Hard Disk Drive Areal Density Require Improvements in Production Infrastructure

Disk Drive Contamination and Defect Sensitivity Trends.pdf
Tom Coughlin looks at the consequences of increased hard disk drive areal density on internal contamination requirements and media defect sizes. As recording density and per disk storage capacity increase, the requirements for contamination and defect sizes become much tighter requiring improvements of production infrastructure and manufacturing equipment.

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Professional Societies

American Vacuum Society

This non-profit is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of films and coatings, microelectronics, nanostructures, surfaces and interfaces, plasmas, vacuum, and manufacturing processes. The AVS offers a variety of publications and educational programs.

ASM International

This association for materials engineers and scientists is dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and applications of metals and materials. ASM offers membership, conferences, local chapters, seminars and symposia, partnerships with other societies, and reference collections.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization Users Group (CMPUG)

This subgroup of the NCCAVS explores the technology and issues associated with CMP. A quarterly meeting offers technical presentations.

Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT)

This sub-group of the IEEE is the leading international forum for scientists and engineers engaged in the research, design and development of revolutionary advances in microsystems packaging and manufacture.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

This organization promotes the advancement of electrical and manufacturing engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas; to provide a broad range of services to members, to assist them in developing their careers by improving their capabilities as engineers and to maintain a high standard of professional conduct.

Materials Research Society

This organization is dedicated to goal-oriented basic and applied research on materials of technological importance.

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Electronics Design, Strategy and News

EDN.com, the Internet home of Electronic News, EDN, and Electronic Business, delivers a view of the electronics industry via news, strategic business information, and technical engineering content.

Electronic Engineering Times

This magazine provides daily updates on stories of current interest to the semiconductor manufacturing community, and to electronics and electrical engineers.

Semiconductor International

This magazine provides information about semiconductor manufacturing, assembly and test.

Solid State Technology

This publication covers the latest process, equipment, and material technologies used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, thin-film microelectronics and microstructures.

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Trade Associations

International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association

This international organization hosts several Diskcon trade shows in Asia and the United States. IDEMA global standards groups set industry standards and benchmarks, which provide collaborative guidance on key technology points in HDDs for CE products, heads, media, substrates, ESD, and other areas.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

This international trade association represents semiconductor and flat panel display equipment and materials suppliers.

Semiconductor Research Corporation

This consortium joins more than 65 companies and government agencies that play a crucial role in planning, directing and funding the semiconductor industry’s pre-competitive, long-term research. This applied research is conducted by faculty and graduate students at dozens of leading universities and research institutions in the United States and Canada.

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